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The Moulin Rouge and Montmartre Moulin Rouge Paris by night PARISCityVISION.
Paris by night. The Moulin Rouge and Montmartre. The Moulin Rouge and Montmartre. The Moulin Rouge is today one of Montmartres landmarks. The neighborhood became a popular tourist site thanks to its village-like ambiance, street artists and incredible view on all of Paris.
staying in the Moulin Rouge area, is safety a concern? Paris Forum TripAdvisor.
Re: staying in the Moulin Rouge area, is safety a concern? 09 July 2014, 0339.: Generally speaking, safety isn't' a concern much of anywhere in Paris, though places in the Moulin" Rouge area" could be considered sort of sleazy depends where.
Best Places to Visit in Paris, France Montmartre and the Moulin Rouge Paris Travel and Tourism Guide.
Montmartre is a section of Paris that has set the scene in countless novels, numerous movies and thousands of paintings. Travelers visit Montmartre to see the panoramic view of Paris from the church of the Sacred Heart Sacre Coeur, mix with the numerous artists at the Place du Tertre and for the show at the Moulin Rouge. Montmartre and its attractions are world famous and worth seeing, but the area is somewhat Bohemian and frayed around the edges.
Is Moulin Rouge area safe to stay Paris Message Board TripAdvisor.
West Sussex, England. Re: Is Moulin Rouge area safe to stay. 02 August 2012, 1655.: If you are the same Peter b who was asking about visiting Paris for only two days, then you may find it more convenient to book a hotel closer to the river.
Area near moulin rouge Paris Forum TripAdvisor.
I would avoid the area immediately around Moulin Rouge. Boulevarde de Clichy is the main area for the Paris sex trade. It is not dangerous, in the sense that you are unlikely to be attacked, but women walking there at night might receive unwelcome attention.
Things to do near the Moulin Rouge Discover Walks Paris.
So it is natural that when you get to Paris, one of the first things you will want to see is the Moulin Rouge. So here are a few ideas of things to do near the Moulin Rouge. Going around to see other shows.
How safe is around Moulin Rouge? Europe Forum Fodor's' Travel Talk Forums.
Frankly, I think the whole thing about the place being a danger zone has been somewhat overhyped.often by the same so-called expert" Paris posters who tell you they wouldn't' waste their money on that" kind of show" at the Moulin Rouge and have never even seen it. The area is certainly not the prettified" Paris we often hear about here but it IS Paris and i think kerouac, who lives there, has given you the best advice.
Moulin Rouge Wikipedia.
Flipbook Moulin Rouge Paris France 23h18, Paris 2003, by Jean-Luc Planche Publisher: Youpeka. About Moulin Rouge and its characters edit. Moulin Rouge, a novel based on the life of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec 1950, by Pierre La Mure Publisher: Random House.

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