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staying in the Moulin Rouge area, is safety a concern? Paris Forum TripAdvisor.
Re: staying in the Moulin Rouge area, is safety a concern? 09 July 2014, 0339.: Generally speaking, safety isn't' a concern much of anywhere in Paris, though places in the Moulin" Rouge area" could be considered sort of sleazy depends where.
Things to do near the Moulin Rouge Discover Walks Paris.
So it is natural that when you get to Paris, one of the first things you will want to see is the Moulin Rouge. So here are a few ideas of things to do near the Moulin Rouge. Going around to see other shows.
The Moulin Rouge and Montmartre Moulin Rouge Paris by night PARISCityVISION.
Above all, the Moulin Rouge set itself apart with its extravagant deco and completely illuminated facade. The Moulin Rouges Central Square. Located level with the Place Blanche on Boulevard de Clichy, the Moulin Rouge is actually on the outskirts of the Montmartre neighborhood.
Best Places to Visit in Paris, France Montmartre and the Moulin Rouge Paris Travel and Tourism Guide.
The neighborhood around the Moulin Rouge the Pigalle is edgy" and full of strip clubs and peep shows, although it is usually crowded with tourists. Many of the clubs in this area, have an unsavory reputation and several are known for extorting excessive and unwarranted fees from anyone brave enough to enter.
A Paris Guide: A Walk Through Montmartre.
The area between these three points is roughly the area of interest. You can begin your walk at any point along the base of the hill, or take the metro to Abbesses station and step out into the heart of Montmartre. Because all the great poets have told us the journey is more important than the destination, I recommend you start at metro Blanche Moulin Rouge or metro Anvers and gradually enter the village.
Is Moulin Rouge area safe to stay Paris Message Board TripAdvisor.
If you don't' care for the Moulin Rouge area, it's' just as easy to take line 12 to Abbesses, walk down west Rue des Abbesses you can even pick up some delicacies on your way turn left into Rue Lepic and you are at your hotel.
Area near moulin rouge Paris Forum TripAdvisor.
Area near moulin rouge. Jan 08, 2009, 448: PM. Just wondering how the area around the moulin rouge is to stay? I know there are a lot of sex shops but is it overly sleazy and rowdy or is it ok.
How safe is around Moulin Rouge? Europe Forum Fodor's' Travel Talk Forums.
The Moulin Rouge isn't' on bd de Clichy, anyway. I used to work in HOllywood very near an area with a lot of prostitues, and have certainly been on bd de CLichy at various times, and completely disagree that there is nothing wrong with a lot of sleazy shops and peep shows and they aren't' dodgy.

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